[Twisted-Python] introductory questions for twisted.web.woven

Alex Li likwoka at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 28 09:54:34 EST 2003

Hi Twisted,

I am a newbie trying to learn the twisted.web.woven framework.
After reading the docs I am still confused.  Any answers or
pointers would be greatly appreciated.

1.  How to process a form?  I tried the wovenquotes example but
got confused (ex: the form used in the example has no method
and action attribute in the <form> tag)?  What is the class to use?
(I think it is related to the twisted.web.woven.input module, but
couldn't really see how...)

2.  How to get the querystring?  This is similar to the above question,
but it can be used without form.  Let's say I simply want to have
a dynamic link like this:
    <a href="http://destination/page.rpy?src=http://come/from/here">
How to get the arguments and values after the "?" ?

3.  In the twisted.web.resource.Resource class, what is an Entity?
what is a Name?  What is a Child (another Resource?)  It would be
nice if the answer can be provide is a simple example (not too abstract)?

4.  So for serving files in the file system, we use twisted.web.static.File.
For serving dynamically generated pages, we can use twisted.web.woven.page.Page?

5.  Any examples or docs that you think I should read (beside the one listed
in twistedmatrix.com website)?

Thanks in advance,

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