[Twisted-Python] reactor.run() or application.save()+run?

Brian Warner warner at lothar.com
Thu Feb 27 14:59:55 EST 2003

Mario Ruggier <mario at ruggier.org> writes:
> when i call "twistd -f pargs-webapp.tap", I get the following error :
> Failed to load application: <twisted.persisted.styles.Ephemeral instance at
> 0x3ad330> is not safe for unpickling
> If I do not call save() but just run(), the application runs correctly...

It's probably related to this one:


In short, app.save() is storing an object of class __main__.DynamicRequest,
which cannot be loaded. You need to import that class from yourself to get a
globally-correct name.

It would be nice if we could detect this sort of thing at .save() time and
emit a warning..


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