[Twisted-Python] Using IConnector

Dmitry Litovchenko kwaker at uch.net
Tue Feb 18 21:06:11 EST 2003

Hello Bob,

Tuesday, February 18, 2003, 10:28:02 PM, you wrote:

>> Please advise, I don't want to produce working code that works for me
>> only while violating ten tons of Twisted conventions that are
>> undocumented and invisible for me.

BI> Ok, well, I can't speak for this part of twisted.. but I *think* the 
BI> proper way would be to make it a Transport, not a Protocol.   For 
BI> example, if you were behind a stupid firewall and you wanted to make 
BI> connections to another host outside of the firewall, you would have to 
BI> refactor a lot less code if it could just be a transport.

BI> Just an idea, again, I'm not an authority on this in any way.

All right. But I currently have working example of SOCKS5 which sends
email (using standard SMTPSenderFactory and whatever protocol it
spawns) to my local SMTP server. All I provide is socks host and port
and plus SMTPSenderFactory filled with mail data. May this be called
"much refactoring" ?

Transport is not involved, only set of SOCKS5Connector, SOCKS5ClientFactory
and SOCKS5ClientProtocol.

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 Dmitry                            mailto:kwaker at uch.net

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