[Twisted-Python] Basic HTTP Authentication in Twisted.web

Thomas Weholt 2002 at weholt.org
Tue Feb 18 18:07:05 EST 2003

Thanks for the tip.

Changed the code to use the same content for both the body and the
Content-Length-header. Still no go. Isn't there a special Twisted way of
doing this? My curreny solution is as I said earlier a dirty hack based on
code from BaseHTTPServer.

Anybody else has this kind of authentication going in their application who
can spare a few lines of code as an example ???


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> On Tue, Feb 18, 2003 at 09:11:03PM +0100, Thomas Weholt wrote:
> >             request.setHeader('Content-Length', str(len('401:
Authorization needed.')))
> ...
> >             return '<h1>401 Authentication required</h1>%s' % msg
> Your Content-Length and actual body are different.  This may be the
> point at which all hell breaks loose.
> Jeff
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