[Twisted-Python] PB and multiple apps

Jeff Grimmett grimmtooth at softhome.net
Sat Feb 15 01:11:17 EST 2003

> That is to say, if you're using Twisted, embrace the 
> framework.  Don't attempt to use it just part of the time, 
> running some pieces inside it and leaving the rest of your 
> program out.  Unless, for some reason I have missed, you are 
> working in an environment that cannot integrate with Twisted? 
>  What is your application here?

To be honest, I know I could merge the debugger and main app together
into one event loop, but part of my concern is that the debugger employs
a GUI; if the server gets busy, the GUI is going to suffer since its
event loop is merged with the reactor event loop. 

Moot point, now that I have found a compromise solution. I can have my
cake and eat it too, I guess :-)

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