[Twisted-Python] PB and multiple apps

Jeff Grimmett grimmtooth at softhome.net
Sat Feb 15 01:05:51 EST 2003

> Have you seen doc/examples/pbecho.py and 
> doc/examples/pbechoclient.py?  They do pretty much exactly 
> this, i.e. a long-running server, and a one-shot
> client:

Yep, but there's that dreaded reactor.stop() in the client.

Good news: I figured out how to make it work. I've created a class that
I use as a mix-in for my protocol classes to utilize. The down side is
that I have to maintain two versions of the debugger OR put in some
conditional code, but the upshot is that I can now do exactly what I
needed to do with it.

class Debugger:
  def Debug (self, txt):
    self.dbtxt = txt
    pb.getObjectAt("localhost", DBPort, 30).addCallbacks(self.gotObject,
    def gotObject(self, object): 
      print 'client got object'
      object.callRemote ("DoCommand", {'Command': 'Msg',
'Msg':self.dbtxt} ).addCallback(self.gotCommand)
    def gotCommand(self, rc):
      print 'gotcommand',rc
      self.dbrc = rc

    def gotNoObject(reason):
      print 'gotnoobject', reason
      self.dbrc = -1

When creating the protocol, it looks like this:

 from Debug import Debugger

 class myProtocol(Protocol, Debugger):

Then to send the debugging text to the other app loop:

Oh, there's a bit of cleanup to do but the upshot is that it does NOT
kill off the reactor running the protocol that calls it.

Off to bed...

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