[Twisted-Python] Getting started using Twisted for servlet-like development

Thomas Weholt 2002 at weholt.org
Fri Feb 14 18:22:55 EST 2003


I'm new to the Twisted-framework, but it looks cool and has a lot of modules I'd like to use in a project. The only problem is that the current docs are a bit thin when it comes to web-development, when developing servlet-like dynamic-content. 

Does anybody have a tutorial or a reference project I could use to get the hang of it?

What I need is this:
- Cookie-handling ( not mention at all in the docs )
- Forms-processing ( this can be done manually when parsing the posted data, I'd like to get this done automatically )
- a persistent Datastore/BusinessLogic-object available for every method and/or object that will produce content or process posted data, the D/B-object must be loaded at start-up and but should also have an option to be reloaded while the server is running

Any clues or hints? I'd be gratefull for any information that can clear up how Twisted best can be used to produce dynamic HTML-based content for a portal-like site. I'm most interested in methods similar to ZPT/SimpleTAL/ES and tech. like XMLC in the Enhydra project, but anything goes and I'm grateful for all you have to offer :-)

Thanks in advance,

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