[Twisted-Python] Re: In Defense of Taps

Moshe Zadka m at moshez.org
Wed Feb 12 11:21:18 EST 2003

On 12 Feb 2003, William Dode <wilk-ml at flibuste.net> wrote:

> first, use it like classic internet web server (to replace python cgi).
> For this, if we use .rpy and tap, it's easy.

Well, most of it should be documented in using-twistedweb.html

> second, use it for web intranet : it must work on windows. The possibility to
> embed it in a .exe is fine. Just that it could be good to can take out
> what we don't use (tk for example).

I don't understand this: are you trying to get random hosts to be web
servers? Do you need every windows computer to serve HTTP? Or is it
something else?
Also, how is .exe better than a real installer?
In a former job, I wrote a Windows installer which basically took existing
installers and ran them in order. It was about a 15 minutes hack.
If you can make this work, just generate one containing a Python installation,
a Twisted installation and your own app installation.

> and last, i would like to use twisted for a shared hosting with virtual
> hosting without using apache and other ftpd...

Well, currently, I think that virtual hostings can work pretty much out
of the box, but we don't have as good a web/FTP integration as we could

> Why not a wiki?

I found wikis are useless as places to get documentation about software.

> I find a lot of tips in the archive of the
> mailing-list.

Yes, mailing lists are good for that.
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