[Twisted-Python] win32eventreactor part II

Jeff Grimmett grimmtooth at softhome.net
Wed Feb 12 00:13:01 EST 2003

> > Out of curiousity, is it necessary to use the win32 reactor 
> in order 
> > to use the w32 flavor of ProcessProtocol, or is it possible to 

> Yes, you need it. Long term plan is to make it possible to 
> hook up win32 to standard reactor due to Major Issues with 
> the win32 APIs (limited to only 64 events, and thus 
> sockets/processes), 

Yeah, that's what I was looking at.

> but I'm not all that motivated to work on 
> it right now. Once that is done you won't need to use the 
> win32 reactor.

I know how demotivating w32 can be to work on :-)

While I'm somewhere close to the subject:  two questions about PB. 

1) Where the heck is pb.Root defined, anyway?

2) I can't help but notice that all the pb example servers involve an
application as the foundation, as opposed to using reactor.run() as the
event loop. Is this significant?

Reason for asking: I've tried to implement my first attempt at a
pb-enabled app (nods at etrepum on LJ) and am getting nowhere. The
server runs with no errors, but the client can't find the remote object
to talk to. I don't need anything complicated: one remote_ method is all
I need for the whole enchilada.

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