[Twisted-Python] PyCon Logistics

Allen Short washort at twistedmatrix.com
Tue Feb 11 20:12:34 EST 2003

Chris and I have been looking at hotels in the D.C. area with an eye
towards affordability and proximity to GWU: the best we've found so
far is a Best Western in Arlington: assuming 3 to a room, it'll be
around $30/night/person. 

Hotel webpage:

the Big Win is that this hotel is half a block from the metro station:

and is only one stop from the GWU metro station.

As for transportation costs: wmata.com indicates most trips on the
metro within the downtown area will be $1.10 each, whereas coming in
on Monday afternoon from BWI will be $4.10, and returning on Saturday
will be $3.25. I'm going to buy a $20 farecard and would recommend
buying at least a $15 card; we discovered the hard way last year that
you cant share them :) 

The ride on the metro between BWI and Arlington is about two hours,
so schedule accordingly.

Chris, Travis, and I have talked about doing some sightseeing on
Tuesday; times and destinations not yet decided - possibly the Library
of Congress. Anyone else interested such an excursion?

Another unresolved issue is food: I've heard rumours that food will be
provided at the conference but nothing definite. Also, I know some
people will insist on hunting for sushi. :) 

Finally, i've been told to encourage people to register soon;
apparently everybody is putting it off. :)

If anybody has a better idea or if I've forgotten something, please
speak up :)

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