[Twisted-Python] where to begin

Itamar Shtull-Trauring twisted at itamarst.org
Tue Feb 11 00:07:16 EST 2003

On 11 Feb 2003 16:59:49 +1300
Rob Brown-Bayliss <rob at zoism.org> wrote:

> Every thing seems to link on to something else, deffereds, it's own
> web servewr etc, it seems like it's a joke, or if not then certianly
> overkill for sending data over sockets.

You don't need to use the web server.

> Yet at the same time it seems to say "This is what you need Rob,
> Twisted it is"

The point is Twisted does networking. From low level to high level, it
has what you need. But you can ignore most of the bits that aren't

> And what is the point of tap's?  why
> not just run the python code as I would any other code?  why would I
> want to change reactors at startup?

TAPs are not required, they are optional. Choosing a reactor is how you
decide to use e.g. the GTK+ event loop instead of the default one.

> It just seems to defy logic, where as useing pythonx xml-rpc or the
> spread module is simple and obvious, 

Using any part of twisted is simple. Trying to understand all of it at
once is not. Which is a problem.

Maybe looking through some examples will help:
http://www.twistedmatrix.com/documents/examples/pbgtk.py is a sample app
using GTK and PB.

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