[Twisted-Python] IRC Client examples... PLEASE HELP

JD lists at webcrunchers.com
Tue Dec 30 22:04:43 EST 2003


   Has anyone written an IRC client in Twisted,  using protocol.irc?    
Do I make a
"reactor",  or is a reactor only used for making servers?    All I need 
is some
really simple code illustrating how to connect to an IRC Server,  doing 
an "identd"
to satisfy some IRC Servers,  and then having a simple imput line,  and 
an output
line...   It doesn't have to be fancy,  just some really basic example 
code on how
to connect,  specify a nick,  joining a channel,  and typing text into 
a channel,
and of course how to quit.

  Unfortunately,  no such example exists,  all the parts seem to be 
there,  but none
of the methods in the protocol.irc.IRCClient appear to be implemented,  
I suspect I would have to make my own sub-class...   but I have no clue 
how to put
all this together.   There doesn't seem to be any docs that explain 


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