[Twisted-Python] subclassing ftp

Douglas Bagnall douglas at paradise.net.nz
Sun Dec 21 03:14:46 EST 2003

Jonathan Simms wrote:

>>I'm making a thing which collects webcam images via ftp (the lowest 
>>common denominator for webcam software), and sends them off again via 
>>the web.  I'd quite like to do it without troubling the file system, 
>>storing the images as python strings, whilst ignoring all the cd/pwd 
>>stuff.  Needless to say I don't want to use real system usernames.
>>Is this very sensible or possible?  I (happily) don't know much about 
>>the ftp protocol, or its twisted implementation.
> This is possible, and might be sensible, but in order for you to get
> this to work, you'd have to learn quite a bit about how twisted thinks
> about ftp. I'd be happy to help you if you do decide to pursue this.

Cool, I'll do it. Looking at CVS, I'm glad I didn't get far with the 
1.1.0 version.  There, it seemed I'd be returning a not implemented 
message for pretty much everything but USER, PASS and STOR. Now it seems 
I'll be making an IFTPShell that raises exceptions instead.  Is this 
right?  The thing I'm less sure about is how the actual STOR works.  I 
won't be getting onto it for a few days, in any case.


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