[Twisted-Python] long-lived database transaction

Federico Di Gregorio fog at initd.org
Sat Dec 13 17:15:43 EST 2003

Il sab, 2003-12-13 alle 22:53, Bill Gribble ha scritto:

> There's already a bug about this, # 303.  I submitted a patch for
> similar functionality a while back.  After a couple go-rounds with Dave
> P, I arrived at a satisfactory solution, which I then dropped the ball
> on submitting :(  

sorry, i went over it. :(

> I've been using it here for a couple of months with no problems.  I just
> added a few calls to the existing adbapi api to get/commit transactions
> and to call operations/queries in them. 
> Attached is MY current patch to adbapi.py,, which I'm 92% happy with

I don't like it very much, mainly because it sticks with the "let's use
a thread pool" and then needs semaphores and locks to do what is better
done by a simple list (see my patch)...


...it provides what i need(ed) and if it has any possibility of going in
i will happily help writing the unit tests. no problems leaving xdbapi
out in this case.


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