[Twisted-Python] PATCH: psycopg support in test_enterprise.py

Federico Di Gregorio fog at initd.org
Fri Dec 12 17:25:35 EST 2003

Hi *,

lately some people asked me why twisted does not support psycopg. Mm..
actually I write all my twisted-based code using psycopg so I was a
little bit disappointed. :) They told me that twisted is using pypgsql
as default and I finally realized what they meant: psycopg is missing
from the test_enterprise.py unit test and pypgsql is listed as "the"
postgresql adapter. So here's the patch that adds psycopg to
test_enterprise.py (I don't care about the "the" part :) 


Federico Di Gregorio                         http://people.initd.org/fog
Debian GNU/Linux Developer                                fog at debian.org
INIT.D Developer                                           fog at initd.org
  Spesso crescere ed andare a vivere da soli è l'unico modo di restare
   bambini.                                             -- Alice Fontana
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