[Twisted-Python] jabber client examples for the new protocol.jabber

darryl developer at csrules.dyndns.org
Sun Dec 7 14:19:55 EST 2003


These things are all possible of course :)

However, they aren't built in yet. Or shall i say, at this
time you have to build them yourself. I have no idea if dizzyd
ever intends to build those components or not.

That being said it's pretty straight forward. You just build
up your domish.Elements and send them via the xmlstream.
There also is support for adding observers for iq elements
with unique id's and such.

If you have any specific questions feel free to ask and I'll
answer if I can.


> But I'm looking for a "standard" client (something doing
> sending/receiving messages and chats and playing with rosters).
> In particular, while I've found samples of "iq" nodes usage,
> I'd like to know how to handle "presence" and "message" nodes.
> So if you have this kind of examples, it's really what I need.
> (perhaps I'm missing something basilar, and it's only a matter
> to do a simple trick)
> Thanks for your patience.
> Best Regards
> /gp

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