[Twisted-Python] jabber client examples for the new protocol.jabber

darryl developer at csrules.dyndns.org
Sun Dec 7 13:40:47 EST 2003

Jabber support works fine.

If i get a few minutes I'll post a simple example . If you want to see 
an example of
a jabber 'component' written with it you can check jabberstudio, this 
project uses it:



gian paolo ciceri wrote:

> Hash: SHA1
> hello all,
> I'm looking for some usage examples of the (new in 1.1) jabber protocol
> in twisted, in particular a client (I'm not able to find any in the
> 1.1.1rc4).
> Before the new jabber protocol you can build jabber clients in twisted
> with the support of tpjabber.py (posted on the ML on Febuary): perhaps
> simply the new jabber protocol support in twisted is not complete ?
> Any hint will be appreciated.
> Regards
> /gp

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