[Twisted-Python] Twisted inclusion in other software

Jp Calderone exarkun at intarweb.us
Thu Dec 4 11:48:45 EST 2003

On Thu, Dec 04, 2003 at 11:21:17AM -0300, RITA Y/O RODRIGO DIAZ Y/O BENENSON wrote:
> It looks like, but I need to be sure.
> Twisted is 99% pure python code. For each optimised C module there is a Python remplacement.
> So, it is absolutelly viable to include some Twisted modules directly into
> another app, eliminating the requirement of "please install
> www.twistedmatrix.com" ?
> For example: twisted.internet and twisted...woven ?
> Obviously product references will be explicited in the Readme.
> Can this be done ?
> Have it be done  ?

  Sure, there is no problem distributed Twisted with another project.  I
think that, even if Twisted did depend on C extensions (which, as you
pointed out, it does not), it could be distributed with an application which
depended on it.

  Do I know of any projects that do this?  Hmmm.  Not really... I can think
of one that gives you the option to download an install Twisted
(automatically) during its own installation process, but that's all.


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