[Twisted-Python] mounting a twisted server

Brian Warner warner at lothar.com
Tue Dec 2 12:37:20 EST 2003

stephan <mailinglists at shechen.at> writes:
> NFS or samba would conceptionally work but does not seem to be supported by
> twisted and seems to be overkill anyways.

The gnome-vfs layer might be worth looking at: it allows fairly arbitrary
things to be interpreted as "filesystems" (auto-mounted ftp sites, synthetic
configuration files, etc), but is only accessible to programs using the
gnome-vfs library for file access.

If you've considered NFS then one of the user-space filesystems might be a
reasonable approach. They involve a kernel module which proxies filesystem
requests up to a userspace daemon, which can then do whatever it wants to
satisfy the open/read/write/close requests. Some of the ones I've looked at
have python bindings, and getting their callback scheme to work with Twisted
shouldn't be too hard.

Advantages: any app on your box can access the files (no special library

Disadvantages: only runs on linux (or possibly some BSDs), is only directly
available to processes running on that same box, but you could probably NFS-
or SMB-export the resulting filesystem so other machines could mount it.

 FUSE: Filesystem in USErspace
       includes Perl and Python bindings


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