[Twisted-Python] Woven dynamic table, patterns and idioms wanted.

Syver Enstad syver at inout.no
Fri Aug 29 04:00:36 EDT 2003

I am finally beginning to grasp woven, but I have a bit of code in my
woven application that seems to reimplement views and would like some
advice on how to avoid that.

The scenerio is as follows: I have a table with a header and a rows
where each row present an object. I use view="List" but I can't
specify each attribute in the object as a column in the table with
model and view because these are dynamic.

In a static solution this would look something like this:
<table model="myModel" view="List">
  <tr pattern="listItem">
    <td model="anAttribute" view="Text" />
    <td model="anotherAttribute" view="Date" />
    <td model="aThirdAttribute" view="Money" />

The solution that I use now which works okay is to just specify a
custom view on the whole object (for each row) and use that view to
generate the xml, including custom formatting and so on. This means
that I basically reimplement the woven view functionality. 

What I have now is something like this:
<table model="myModel" view="List">
  <tr pattern="listItem" view="myCustomTableRowView"/>

Where myCustomTableRowView basically loops through a table listing the
required fields and formatting for this kind of object, creates a td
for each of them, formats the data.

My naive take on this would be to be able to specify model and view
attributes on the xml I generate, but when I tried this it wouldn't
work, I guess it is to late in the process to do so. 

If anyone has any ideas on woven idioms/patterns for this type of
application, I would be glad to hear of it.

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