[Twisted-Python] timeout using LivePage

Sean Gillies sgillies at frii.com
Mon Aug 25 16:30:30 EDT 2003


Am very new to Twisted but am quickly finding that I like
it.  All my questions and comments involve Twisted 1.0.6
in combo with Python 2.3 on OS X.

I've run into a problem while making a rough .rpy prototype of
a mapping application (ala MapQuest) using the U of Minnesota
MapServer's Python interface.

I will need to have server-side handlers for javascript events
to allow map zooming, panning, &c and so have been experimenting
with LivePage.  I intend that the code should render a map image,
and upon clicking the image, we zoom into the map (changing model
data), and redraw the map image.  Unfortunately, browsers are
unable to load the


URL that is generated by my instance of LivePage, and so the map
is never redrawn as it should.  The model data does get changed
successfully, and when I manually reload the page, I do see
the zoomed map image as I expect.

What is this 'woven_hookupOutputConduitToThisFrame' all about?
Do I need to set up another method to handle this URL?

I know that it's not recommended to put so much logic in the .rpy
file, but as I said, a quick and dirty prototype is what I'm after.
Am attaching the source of mapserv.rpy here:

import os
import time
from twisted.web.woven import page, widgets, controller, model
from mapscript import *

base_mapfile = 'navtech_std.map'

# Get map object from the session data if we can
class MapModel(model.MethodModel):
     def wmfactory_mapobj(self, request):
         session_obj = request.getSession()
             session_mapobj = session_obj.mapobj
         except AttributeError:
             session_mapobj = mapObj(base_mapfile)
             session_obj.mapobj = session_mapobj
         return session_mapobj

# Widget for creating a temp map image and a tag linking to it
class MapImage(widgets.Widget):
     def setUp(self, request, node, data):
         mapobj = data
         node.tagName = "img"
         imgobj = mapobj.draw()
         tmp_file = '%s_%d_%d.%s' \
                  % (mapobj.name, time.time(), os.getpid(),
                     imgobj.format.extension )
         imgobj.save(os.path.join('/tmp', tmp_file))
         map_url = os.path.join('/tmp', tmp_file)
         node.setAttribute('src', map_url)
         node.setAttribute('height', str(mapobj.height))
         node.setAttribute('width', str(mapobj.width))
         node.setAttribute('border', '1')

# Widget for displaying the current scale of the map
class MapScale(widgets.Widget):
     def setUp(self, request, node, data):
         text = 'Scale: 1:%d' % (data.scale)
         newNode = request.d.createTextNode(text)

# Template, using the web conduit glue
template = """<html>
     <img model="mapobj" view="map_image" controller="map_ctrl"/>
     <p model="mapobj" view="map_scale" />
     <div view="webConduitGlue" />

# Zoom into the map in the event of a javascript onclick
class MyEventHandler(controller.Controller):
     def handle(self, request):
         self.view.addEventHandler("onclick", self.onClick)

     def onClick(self, request, widget):
         # Get session map object (layers and spatial extents)
         session_obj = request.getSession()
             session_mapobj = session_obj.mapobj
         except AttributeError:
             session_mapobj = mapObj(base_mapfile)
             session_obj.mapobj = session_mapob

         # zoom in on the map
         w = session_mapobj.width
         h = session_mapobj.height
         pt = pointObj()
         pt.x, pt.y = w/2, h/2
         session_mapobj.zoomPoint(2, pt, w, h, session_mapobj.extent, 
         print session_mapobj.extent.minx, session_mapobj.extent.maxx
         print self, "Zoomed!!!"

         # There is a better way to redraw the map, certainly

# Page class
class MyPage(page.LivePage):
     def wcfactory_map_ctrl(self, request, node, model):
         return MyEventHandler(model)

# Resource
resource = MyPage(MapModel(), template=template)
resource.setSubviewFactory("map_image", MapImage)
resource.setSubviewFactory("map_scale", MapScale)

looking forward to any insights into LivePage and also looking forward
to getting enough experience with Twisted that I can begin to contribute
to the list discussions.


Sean Gillies
sgillies at frii dot com

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