[Twisted-Python] Twisted Slow? Woven - Production Ready?

Bob Ippolito bob at redivi.com
Fri Aug 22 20:50:51 EDT 2003

On Friday, Aug 22, 2003, at 18:01 America/New_York, Donovan Preston 

>> Just seems from what I've read twisted is supposed to be pretty close 
>> to
>> Apache + mod_python in terms of performance. Would be nice to find 
>> out the
>> limitation of the platform before hiring and training developers to 
>> build
>> web apps on this platform. Knowing the major limitations can start 
>> planning
>> for it and add that to the head count so those fixes or needed 
>> development
>> gets done.
> Apache will be faster for serving static files because that is what it 
> is designed
> for; twisted + woven will be faster for large, very complex, very 
> dynamic web
> applications because that is what it is designed for. Really, the 
> biggest
> increase you will see is in programmer and designer productivity; woven
> is engineered to cleanly separate the template from the code so that 
> skinning
> becomes trivial; and to support compositing of small components into 
> large,
> complex components so that your programmers focus on the functionality
> of the app, not the complexities inherit in generating HTML and 
> handling
> form input.

And this is, of course, why we have squid, because that is what it is 
designed for :)


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