[Twisted-Python] [twisted-conch] Using flow package to control workflow

mkimpenhaus at plus.de mkimpenhaus at plus.de
Tue Aug 19 08:20:01 EDT 2003

Hi @all,

I am very sorry, but again I need some advice using the conch package, 
better in this case using the flow package together with conch.

Problem is -> I am using conch to connect per ssh to an server -> execute 
some scripts on the ssh-server -> got the callback and process the result.
For now this is working fine, but there's the problem when triggering the 
connection this method is used to give an resultset. Therefore I thought 
to use the flow package to block the triggering method until the result 

First, is this attempt ok ? Is it possible to use flow to synchronize that 
async thingie??
Next, what should I use -> I tried to use flow.Block() but now the whole 
script seem to hang?

I would like to give an example but this would go beyond the scope...

Any help is very appreciated.

Best regards and respect,
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