[Twisted-Python] Some doubts abot guard.

Francisco Miguel Colaço fcolaco at demnet.ubi.pt
Sat Aug 16 16:43:08 EDT 2003

  Dear friends,

  Somehow I have managed to put the site authentication to work.  I
still have some doubs about guard:

  1.  If I try to run the site off index.rpy, I am redirected to
'host:port/session-init', which has no resource.  I have to put
'http://hostname:port:file.rpy' in order for the site to load
correctely.  How can I correct this behaviour?

  2.  How can I enter a custom page upon login failure?

  3.  How should I access the session and the user information using
newcred, since 'cred' is (according to this own mailing list) being

  4.  I wish to do a slashdot/plone type of site on woven.  Is anybody
doing the same.  I can offer to help out.  Please reply to the mailing
list so that everyone can know about it and join in.

  Thanks in advance,

     Francisco Colaço

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