[Twisted-Python] [twisted-conch] Building own Channels

mkimpenhaus at plus.de mkimpenhaus at plus.de
Thu Aug 14 13:35:27 EDT 2003

Hi @all

i am fairly new to twisted conch an connecting per ssh to servers.

I took a look at the sample and everything was working fine. Then I tried 
to derive from the SSHChannel and gave that channel a new name.
F*ck - that seemed to be the wrong way, no connection could be 
established. I searched the code for some hints and found that there are 
already some channels (session, forward-tcp and direct-tcp) implemented 
which seem to work. I was wondering that the derived channel was working 
when naming it by the name of one of those already implemented 
channles(session, forward-tcp and direct-tcp).

Therefore my question:

How do I implement own channels with own names?

Best regards and respect,
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