[Twisted-Python] Support for ICMP / traceroute ?

popov twisted at evpopov.com
Wed Aug 13 12:02:14 EDT 2003

(a new try, as it seems the message was broken the last time I sent it)


I'm currently evaluating 'Twisted' to make cross-platform network

The targeted OS are: Win32 (W2K and above), Linux. More Unix flavors would
have to be supported later on.

>From what I've read about 'Twisted', it should work on those platforms as it
is python-based. Could you confirm that my own .py scripts will run as-is
under those different platforms (provided I myself don't use
platform-specific features of course) ?

I will need to implement the ping protocol (client side), and most probably
also the traceroute 'protocol'. I didn't see those protocols in the doc, but
would it be possible to implement them with Twisted ? I saw some classes
related to raw sockets, so I'm confident it should be manageable. I would
like some confirmations it's possible and 'cross-platform'ly.

Note: for traceroute, the TTL of the packet has to be set with each packet:
with the socket API, you can use a setsockopt() call to set it, I don't know
how it is managed (if it is) with Twisted. Another way would be to build our
own IP packet, so that we can set the TTL field.

If answers to those questions are positive, then you may have won a new
twisted user :).

Thanks for any reply.

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