[Twisted-Python] RFC - List hierarchies in Woven

Abe Fettig abe at fettig.net
Mon Aug 11 11:15:52 EDT 2003

On Mon, 2003-08-11 at 10:30, Christopher Armstrong wrote:

> Well, my first instinct would be move it into a completely separate
> Widget class. 

Fair enough - I just put it into List since it's only a few additional
lines of code, and I didn't want to have to copy-paste the existing List

> Once that's done, I'd make the model, rather than a list
> of things with .children attributes, just a list of lists. 

You could do it with lists, I suppose.  Say you want to express a
typical hierarchical tree, like this:

Personal Mail

You could have a model like so:

	["Inbox", []],
	["Outbox", []],
	["Personal Mail", [
		["Joe", []],
		["Fred", []]
Where each item in the tree is a list made up of two objects: item,

Is that preferable?  It still doesn't seem like the most elegant way of
doing things.  Does anyone have a better idea?


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