[Twisted-Python] Uninteruptable infinite loop: Woven rendering

Mary mary-twisted at puzzling.org
Sun Aug 10 18:24:31 EDT 2003

On Sun, Aug 10, 2003, Alex Levy wrote:
> Which begs the question, what are you trying to do? There is likely another
> way around whatever problem you're trying to solve.

Previous and next links between pages.

The trouble here is that the logic used within the model is the same
logic that is used to generate children, so splitting them into a
MethodModel (say) and a Page with is passed that MethodModel will still
mean sharing data between them in some way.

For example, assume I am generating a page representing all blog entries
in the month of January 2002. I need to have a link to the page
representing December 2001, and the page representing February 2002.

I also want to link to all the entries themselves. So this would be some
kind of submodel ("entries", say). But when the page's children are
requested, I need to use similar logic (the logic for "entries" is "get
all valid children" and the logic for getDynamicChild is "is this a
valid child?"). In the particular storage method I'm using, neither
example is completely trivial either[1]. Hence why I was attempting to
use the Page itself as its own model rather than passing it a model. If
I pass it a model, I still need to use much of the model logic in


[1] It may be that I'm not very good at conceptualising this stuff, but
there's a conflict between the tree-based view which is "months are
parents, entries are children" and a flat view in which December 31st
2001 is right before January 1 2002.

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