[Twisted-Python] Virtual hosting and twisted.mail and twisted.web

Mukhsein Johari arashi1 at pd.jaring.my
Mon Apr 28 00:19:52 EDT 2003

Hello all,

I'm doing some RnD for eventual migration to a twisted system. I'm not sure 
how 'production' the various bits of twisted are and I'm also not sure how 
all the bits would fit together. 

I'm thinking I'll need:
twisted.web (need to do virtual hosts on with this)

I think the setup I'm planning is quite common on the net but most people use 
apache and sendmail and something called virtualhostmonster?

Users should not need a unix account - for email, I'm thinking of using a db 
to store their username and passwords and get twisted.mail to check there 
when they try to authenticate to download their emails. Incidentally, would 
mbox or a dbms be better here?

Of course, each website of these users would be on the same machine with the 
same ip. They would have different domains though - with the content of their 
websites stored in (maybe) an rdbms. So:

Bob's homepage would be at:

and his email would be: bob at bobshome.net

I would greatly appreciate pointers/tips to achieve this.

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