[Twisted-Python] a problem about running php on twisted?

xlp223 xlp223 at sina.com
Sun Apr 27 20:46:45 EDT 2003

my system is 
window me
python 2.2.2
twisted 1.0.4
php 4.3.1
phpbb 2.0.4

i want to run phpbb on twisted 1.0.4 under window,
when i installed above software on window xp home edition,it was successful.
but when i installed above software on window me or window xp profession edition,it failed.

Step of my doing is 
1)create dir c:\pydoc and copy c:\python22\doc to c:\pydoc 
  create c:\pydoc\phpbb2 and copy phpbb2 to it

2)edit hello.rpy in c:\python22\scripts and save it in this dir
from twisted.web import static, twcgi

class PHPScript(twcgi.FilteredScript):
    filter = 'C:\\PHP\\php'

resource = static.File("c:\\pydoc")

resource.processors[".php"] = PHPScript

resource.indexNames = ['index.html','index.php']

3)run the command:
  python mktap.py web -p 80 --resource-script=hello.rpy -i index.html,index.php

4)run the command:
  python twistd.py -f web.tap -r win32

After the fourth step ran,i entered into the ie browser and input
http://localhost/   it is ok to show the html.
but while i input http://localhost/phpbb2 ,
it show 500 error. 

why? who can help me to solve it?



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