[Twisted-Python] Re: Twisted 1.0.4 - `mktap --help SERVER'

Francois Pinard pinard at iro.umontreal.ca
Sun Apr 27 17:39:49 EDT 2003

[Jp Calderone]
> [Francois Pinard]

> > Page 21 (2.2.3 mktap and tapconvert) says: "For a given server,
> > `mktap --help <name>' shows the possible configuration options.".

> After looking at this for more minutes than it probably merited, I feel
> that this usage should stay gone (rather than have mktap be fixed to
> work as documented).  [...] It is also trivially achieved by reversing
> the order of the arguments to be "mktap <name> --help".

Sounds very reasonable.

> There are effectively no unit tests for either mktap or twistd, and
> the acceptance tests only test it in well-formed cases, which are nice,
> but probably the least important ones to *test*, since that is how the
> developers will all be invoked the tools (and so they will get plenty
> of testing that way).

My feeling is that we should wonder nevertheless.  Consider that, in
actual practice, 1.0.4 was issued with DeprecationWarnings still remaining
for a few servers (conch, parent, sibling), that another server without
arguments raises an exception (inetd).  So we can doubt there was so plenty
of testing, and a unit test for those would add more security to releases.

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