[Twisted-Python] SURVEY: For Twisted users, please answer

Tommi Virtanen tv at twistedmatrix.com
Sat Apr 26 03:57:36 EDT 2003

On Fri, Apr 25, 2003 at 11:37:55AM -0400, Skinny Puppy wrote:
> > 2. Do you have any Twisted success stories you'd like to share (besides
> > those listed in our success stories page, of course)?
> I have twisted running with ldaptor on over 200 Solaris systems, pulling
> configs out of LDAP for inetd/dnscache/tinydns/ldap.conf (pam/nss)/cron
> and a few others things.  I do keep my own cvs of both twisted and ldaptor 
> due to my need for having TLS built directly in <HINT>.  (yes I sent a patch).
> They are highly out of date but work for me now.  

	Ooh! An actual ldaptor user!

	At this point, you are the most important external party using
	ldaptor, it seems. How's it been? Any thoughts on what you would
	want to see?

:(){ :|:&};:

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