[Twisted-Python] FTP Server

Stefano Maniero smaniero at sfera.net
Sat Apr 26 05:30:44 EDT 2003

I need store files upoloaded via FTP into mysql database, and twisted seems very
powerful framowork for this...

There's a valid alternative?

Quoting Andrew Bennetts <andrew-twisted at puzzling.org>:

> On Wed, Apr 23, 2003 at 05:02:46PM +0200, Stefano Maniero wrote:
> > I'm new user for Twisted.
> > 
> > I've seen an FTP server module in twisted, but I see that the server will
> be
> > re-written. There's some implementation of new FTP module?
> Sadly, the new module lives only in my head at the moment.  I'd guess I'll
> probably have it in CVS within a month.
> Do you just want a simple FTP server that serves files from the filesystem?
> If so, you may be able to use the existing code, but beware... it doesn't
> have much access control beyond "authenticated" and "not authenticated",
> which means that if you have anonymous access enabled, *anyone* use any FTP
> command, including STOR, and so on.  If you want to use the existing code,
> make sure to run it from a directory whose contents (including the directory
> itself!) are read-only, even for the owner.  It *might* be safe to use then,
> but I haven't rigorously checked that :)
> What do you want to use an FTP server for?   :)
> -Andrew.
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