[Twisted-Python] twisted web, documentation

Peter Hansen peter at engcorp.com
Fri Apr 25 15:16:22 EDT 2003

William Dode wrote:
> class ReportRequest(twisted.web.resource.Resource):
>     """ ReportRequest with forms and cookies """
>     def render(self, request):
>         session = request.getSession()
>         try:
>             if request.args["text"]!="":
>                 session.text = request.args["text"]

Please correct me if I'm wrong, or out of date, but doesn't request.args
contain *lists* of things, always, and not the strings directly?  That
was what I observed on 1.0.3 anyway, I thought.

If that's so, then I think the above test will always pass, as 
request.args['text'] would contain [''] or [] or something, but
never just "".


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