[Twisted-Python] enterprise.dbcred.DatabaseAuthorizer

Federico Di Gregorio fog at initd.org
Fri Apr 25 10:48:22 EDT 2003

Il ven, 2003-04-25 alle 19:26, Stephen Waterbury ha scritto:

> That was my thinking, too.  
> Any chance you would be willing to share your authorizer?  
> Some of us actually prefer not to reinvent wheels ... :^)

all my code (and i mean *all*, even the one i write for customers) is
available from cvs.initd.org under GPL. you may be interested in the
following files:


they implement a db authorizer with just one service ("wilma") and some
perspectives, taken from the keyring (for example the "admin"
perspective is available only to people that have the "admin" role in
DB). i planned a better version (the code in wilma is very specific for
that project) but i have almost no time nowdays.. too much work.

also, for wilma we are moving to a much more fine-grained authorization
policy that does not involve perspectives, but that's completely OT

one more: wabba is a generic "transaction manager" that takes a
completely different approach to dababase access than other
object-relational mappers (i talked about it with itamar on irc someweek
ago). it is still very alpha and we are reworking it a lot but there
will be an "official" release around june. it integrates well with

hope this helps,

Federico Di Gregorio
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