[Twisted-Python] PHP Support

Bob Ippolito bob at redivi.com
Fri Apr 18 15:07:43 EDT 2003

On Friday, Apr 18, 2003, at 14:07 America/New_York, Moshe Zadka wrote:

> Summary:
> In PHP 4.3, /usr/bin/php4 is not CGI compatible. Twisted assumes it is.
> Currently, the current version in Debian is 4.2, which is why is was 
> not
> a problem for most of the core Twisted developers. Others, more "edgy",
> operating systems like Gentoo have already begun to feel the 
> repercussions.
> I talked to Adam Conrad (infinity on Freenode), who is the Debian PHP
> maintainer, about this issu, and relayed his thoughts to glyph.
> We actually do need to solve this problem.

I did a little bit of research into the issue yesterday, when someone 
asked on IRC.. basically what happened is that PHP now has two types of 
executables.  Unfortunately, the one that goes into /usr/bin is to be 
used to write actual PHP applications in -- under NO circumstance will 
these PHP binaries will print headers, regardless of argv.  The other 
one is to be used from cgi-bin.  The other binary, which may or may not 
exist, WILL print headers by default, but can suppress them if -q is on 
the argv.

IMHO, this is *retarded* and the PHP developers should be smacked 
upside the head for this.  Why not add a flag that ALLOWS headers to be 
printed?  At most, it scrapes some modicum of support code out of the 
binary, and 4 CPU cycles out of the option parsing.. what are they 
smoking?  Why does PHP need TWO binaries?  Couldn't they have just made 
the commandline one have a different name, symlink to the cgi binary, 
and have the cgi binary check argv[0] to see if it should assume -q or 


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