[Twisted-Python] feedback requested -- flow.py goes beta

Clark C. Evans cce at clarkevans.com
Thu Apr 17 12:09:57 EDT 2003

Abstract: >

   The flow module implements cooperative multi-tasking using
   iterators (easily created with generators) and Twisted's 
   event reactor.   The flow module also includes support for
   incrementally returning query results from Twisted's 
   database connection pool.  While this module does _not_ 
   require generators (a python v2.2 feature), applications 
   of the module are best demonstrated with generators.

Status: >

   The flow module (flow.py) is currently checked into CVS in
   the sandbox directory.  It is unlikely that any large 
   changes to the module will happen.   The documentation 
   is partial, but currently in development.

   General feedback from the Twisted Community is requested.
Deployment: >

   If flow was accepted into twisted, I was thinking 
   of spreading its functionality over several files.
   1.  Adding a base implementation module, twisted.python.flow,
       which only depends upon other items in twisted.python

   2.  Adding a (fairly small) Flow class to 
       twisted.internet.defer which takes the base
       implementation and uses the reactor and inherits
       from Deferrred.

   3.  Adding a ThreadedIterator class to twisted.internet.threads
       which depends upon twisted.internet.reactor and 
   4.  Adding a (fairly small) QueryIterator class to 
       twisted.enterprise.adbapi which depends primarly 
       on ThreadedIterator, but provides for query 
       functionality from a ConnectionPool



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