[Twisted-Python] broadcasting in Twisted?

Erik Bakker 17056 at student.saxion.nl
Wed Apr 16 10:16:08 EDT 2003

Hi all,

First of all I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Erik Bakker and i'm a
student at the university of Twente in the Netherlands. I'm working on a
project, in which we would like to use Twisted-python. We are making a
distributed 3D world using OpenGL in python. And we like to use Twisted for
the distribution. We don't need to distribute lots of data, in fact we only
need to distribute the 3D camera position (and only if the 3D camera
changes on input from the user). We would like to broadcast the camera
position to all clients but how is the big question. I can't find anything
in the documentation about broadcasting (except that it is possible:). Now
was our idea that it should be possible with the module UDP from the
internet package, but we can't get it to work.
Now my questions are if it is possible to broadcast using twisted and how.
I'm a bit a newbie in Twisted (yet;-) anybody got any idea's, examples?

Many thanks in advance!

Erik Bakker

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