[Twisted-Python] The Woven Way?

Eric Holm eholm37 at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 13 23:01:34 EDT 2003

First off, the cliche (but nonetheless genuine) thanks for the awesome set of tools!

Is there any way for a Woven resource script to retrieve the uri with which it was called, similar to passing arguments to a CGI script via the url?

Say I have a twisted server that I'd like to monitor via Woven pages.  One of the pages looks something like:

Port1  Up    Details...
Port2  Down  Details...
Port3  Up    Details...

where the "Details..." items are links to another Woven page.  If I were doing this with a CGI script, the links would contain something like href="details.rpy?port=1", or href="details.rpy?port=37", and details.rpy would grab the uri and generate the desired page.  I suspect I'm looking at this all wrong by thinking in terms of passing arguments via the url, but don't know what would be a more naturally Woven way to do this. Any guidance would be most appreciated.



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