[Twisted-Python] Re: rewrite of flow.py completed

Philippe Lafoucrière lafou at wanadoo.fr
Sat Apr 12 09:51:41 EDT 2003

Clark C. Evans wrote:

> Ok.  The complete re-write of flow.py based on the work of
> extrepum ("Bob Ippolito") is finished, with a test case
> checked in.  This differs from extrepum's work [1] in
> some ways, but is almost identical in others.

Just some questions : 

- will flow.py be included in Twisted 1.0.4 (rc) ? 
- Did you write some unit tests ?
- could you add the outpout of your exemple (at the beginning of flow.py) ?

- In QueryIterator :

            self.curs = conn.cursor()
            if self.data: self.curs.execute(self.sql % self.data) 
but :

>>> 'cursor' in dir (adbapi.ConnectionPool)

I think you want to use a 'standard' pool corresponding to API DB 2.0
twisted.entreprise.adbapi.ConnectionPool doesn't have a cursor method.
NTL, it's just the right use of flow, because we don't want a deffered here
(because of thread use).

kind regards

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