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Glyph Lefkowitz glyph at twistedmatrix.com
Sat Apr 12 00:45:18 EDT 2003

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Dear Twisted Users,

In the last few months, Twisted seems to have become exponentially more 
popular.  I need to create more graphs and charts that show this in a 
systematic way, but I can certainly tell you that my bandwidth has been 
utilized more than it was in the past.

As many of you know, I host twistedmatrix.com in my home, on a 
"business DSL" line.  All of the Twisted developers use this machine, 
for running tests, running their own development servers, and checking 
their email.  It also runs the twistedmatrix.com web site and CVS 
server.  I like this set-up since it makes it relatively easy to make 
backups quickly, upgrade the hardware on this machine to meet demand, 
and "eat our own dog food": use various Twisted services in production.

With increased popularity comes increased traffic.  While the CPU of 
our development system remains at near-idle load, the bandwidth here is 
clearly inadequate.  Also, although I do nominally run a business here 
(a few *very* small odd hosting jobs) that's certainly not paying the 
full cost of keeping business DSL running.  I also don't really have a 
good enough set-up to set up a sensible contribution plan like the 
http://www.gnu-darwin.org/ site.

So, if you would like to see better performance out of the 
twistedmatrix.com site, I've finally gotten a personal PayPal "donate" 
button working that you can send contributions to.  You can find it on 
my personal website:


Please include "bandwidth" in the "special instructions" field that you 
see when you send a contribution.  Also, please don't contribute 
anything if you're struggling yourself.  The developers should be 
beneficiaries of such contributions, not the donors.

Be advised that if I were to somehow become fabulously wealthy from 
these contributions, it would definitely be a good thing for the 
project as a whole ;-).

In related news, we are working on a plan to recognize folks and 
companies who have contributed to development of particular areas of 
Twisted.  As-yet-unacknowledged sponsors include Zoteca, Divmod, and 
Ninjaneering.  If you'd like to be a sponsor of a particular area of 
Twisted development, I'd like to hear from you.

Sometime soon there will definitely be a more structured way to 
organize such efforts, but until then, every little bit helps.  I 
encourage other Twisted developers to get other similar "donate" 
buttons - I would like to put up a "tip jar" page at some point where 
users can select a developer and contribute something.
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