[Twisted-Python] enterprise.row

Justin Ryan justin at gnubia.net
Mon Apr 7 09:43:29 EDT 2003

> > I don't really see how allowing key columns to be ignored on an insert
> > would be database specific..  Ideally, whether or not a default value is
> I don't think I fully articulated my thoughts. Currently the 'reflector'
> code caches the rows you create. So, ideally, if the database is going
> to set default values on a new row, you'd like the reflector to update
> the row object with whatever values the database chose to maintain
> consistency between the row object and the database. I haven't
> thought about it too closely, but it seems to me that there's no
> way to implement that in a database-independent way, but maybe I'm
> just missing something.
> What do you think?


I think that if you insert a row and allow the database to assign the
pkey, you can select out the pkey.  I'm not sure this is more efficient
than selecting nextval() before insert, but it would be more

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