[Twisted-Python] release momentum

Glyph Lefkowitz glyph at twistedmatrix.com
Fri Apr 4 18:20:11 EST 2003

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On Friday, April 4, 2003, at 01:28 PM, Kevin Turner wrote:

> Our release schedule, or lack thereof, is getting to me.  I'm reluctant
> to deploy new releases of CVSToys because I'd be asking people to 
> depend
> on an "alpha" version of Twisted.  At least one person has come in to
> #twisted asking if there was going to be a release soon, or if he had 
> to
> ask his users to get Twisted from CVS.

You definitely have a point there.

> Our last *alpha* release was was five weeks before PyCon started; there
> have been over five hundred commits since that time.

Zow.  I hadn't counted.  This is pretty bad.

> Tests we're having problems with:
>  * testSignal in test_process.PosixProcessTestCase, fails regularly
> under buildbot for python2.2, but not 2.1.  I cannot reproduce this
> failure.

Neither can I.  does anyone have a theory as to what's causing it?

>  * testStor in test_ftp, intermittent failures.

This should be fixed eventually, but it's been having problems forever. 
  We shouldn't hold up the release based on it.

>  * ThrottlingTestCase in test_policies has intermittent failures, they 
> may be spurious timing issues.

The tests are written incorrectly.  They assert things that should 
usually be true, but aren't necessarily.

>  * test_imap is under heavy development, failures changed fresh daily.

JP should get these to pass, but similarly they should not hold up the 

>  * test_jelly.CircularReferenceTestCase, Jasper's bug.

I'll pick this one up, since it's really my fault.  I should be able to 
look at it on Sunday.

> How many of these do we have to turn green before we can build the 
> next alpha release?  Is the jelly bug going to wait on newjelly?

The jelly bug shouldn't wait on newjelly because this involves breaking 
compatibility not only with old Twisted, but also with every other 
language implementation of PB that currently exists.  These should 
eventually be fixed, but I think at this point that we just can't 
ignore compatibility in the meanwhile.

> Since I'm the one raising a stink, I'll volunteer to manage the next 
> release should Chris remain unavailable.

Let me give you some advice, from the last time I volunteered to do 
this.  Corner Chris on IRC, get him to explain everything that needs to 
be done, and then take it over.  Don't wait for him to agree that he 
won't be available :-).

It's actually not that much work, now that most of it's automated.  The 
only thing that's really time-consuming is having to re-do it all every 
time somebody checks in a fix, and twice when moving to final-RC to 
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