[Twisted-Python] Problems with PB and Jelly...

Jasper Phillips jasper at peak.org
Thu Apr 3 19:20:59 EST 2003

On Thu, 3 Apr 2003, Jp Calderone wrote:

> On Thu, Apr 03, 2003 at 04:34:22AM -0800, Jasper Phillips wrote:
> > [snip]
> > 
> > I posted a test case demonstrating the "circular ref" bug a couple of
> > messages up this thread, but didn't work out a unit test.  I'll try to get
> > some time to do that, although I understand twisted uses something other than
> > pyunit so I'm not sure what's involved.
>   We use twisted.trial, which presents an interface that's almost identical
> to pyunit, so if you're familiar with one, working with the other should be
> fairly easy.

Ah. Judging from your unit tests, It looks you can just import
twisted.trial.unittest as unittest, and existing pyunit tests should just
work.  D'oh!

>   That said, I've added a TestCase to test_jelly.py that seems to tickle
> this bug. :)  It's simplified even more from your example, but I think it
> still catches the essense of the problem.

Thanks!  It was probably a good idea to remove all of the pb baggage from
my test case. ;-)


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