[Twisted-Python] Problems with PB and Jelly...

Jasper Phillips jasper at peak.org
Thu Apr 3 05:35:36 EST 2003

On Mon, 24 Mar 2003, Jasper Phillips wrote:

[talking about twisted.spread.jelly._Unjellier]

> > This scheme will change on Tuesday. The "reference" tags will go away and be
> > replaced by an implicit marker that is notionally inserted every time we
> > start jellying a new mutable object. The "dereference" tags will then point
> > to these implicit markers. This should improve performance quite a bit, and
> > will pave the way to a combined jelly+banana extension module that should
> > give an enormous speedup (doing everything in C).
> Sounds good!  No point in my suggesting a fix then. ;-)  Will a new version
> of twisted be released along with these changes, or would I have to go
> through CVS?

I notice that there is a "newjelly.py" in twisted.spread, which appears to
have changed the code relavent to the error I was getting.  However, I
couldn't easily tell from the commit email whether this was finished, or how
one would use it...

Am I correct in guessing newjelly.py is intended to be renamed to jelly.py,
but isn't ready yet?


PS  I've got a kludge to the 1.03 jelly.py and flavors.py that avoids the
"storing a _Derefence into a __dict__" error I was getting.  If anyone's
interested I can post it, although there would be little point if newjelly.py
will be ready soon.

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