[Twisted-Python] TwistedQuotes example help

john nielsen jn at who.net
Fri Sep 27 10:15:37 EDT 2002

I am trying to use the TwistedQuotes 
talked about in Twisted-0.99.2\doc\howto\plugin.html
and located at Twisted-0.99.2\doc\howto\listings

I want to make sure I understand this right:

To get the example to work, I should do the following steps:
1)put the TwistedQuotes dir in my path

I made a .pth file w/
and sys.path shows them

2)put plugins.tml in site-packages\twisted\plugins.tml
 modifiying it to point to: "twisted.TwistedQuotes.quotetap"

3)execute site-packages\twisted\scripts\mktap qotd
4)run twistd -f qotd

Everything looks to work w/out error  but then to test the server:
pbquoteclient.py returns w/Failed to obtain quote


nc -v localhost 8007
which returns w/connection refused

Am I missing a step?
Thanks for any help,


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