[Twisted-Python] little bits of woven joy

Bruce Mitchener bruce at cubik.org
Wed Sep 25 18:54:20 EDT 2002

Bruce Mitchener wrote:
> Currently, if you have multiple deferreds in flight and one of them 
> fails, future failures aren't handled  nicely at all.  This patch works 
> on improving that, but isn't perfect yet.
> It also handles a few other things ... callbacks that were having an 
> exception raised didn't display that in the web interface ... and if we 
> do that, we should just return the Failure back to 
> Deferred._runCallbacks as well to swap over to the errback chain.
> If someone has a good (better) idea on handling the multiple-deferreds 
> in flight that error out, I'd love to hear it.  This is actually causing 
> other problems as well that this problem doesn't fix .. where sometimes, 
> parts of the page will be rendered and parts will be formatFailure 
> output ... and sometimes the web connection never closes down and so the 
> browser just spins on it. :)
> There are a couple of other problems as well, but I don't (yet) have a 
> good enough handle on them to discuss them, much less play with fixes.

Well, those problems ended up being a major part of the larger set of 
problems.  They're fixed now in CVS after some debugging and then a good 
idea for the fix from Donovan.

I'm going to leave the existing bugs as documented above around still. 
I'm not entirely happy with my fix or sure that it doesn't occasionally 
do the wrong thing.

  - Bruce

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