[Twisted-Python] Bits from the ARM

Moshe Zadka twisted at moshez.org
Wed Sep 25 06:28:10 EDT 2002

Here are the commands I wrote for the release

 1848  ~/Twisted/admin/release-twisted --oldver 0.99.2rc2 -v 0.99.2rc3 --release=/twisted/Releases --checkout --upver --tag --exp --dist --docs --balls --rel --deb --debi

InstallDebs still had a problem. Here is the fixin':

 1849  cd /twisted/Releases/
 1851  cd debian-0.99.2rc3/
 1853  cp * ~/public_html/snapshot/
 1854  cp woody/* ~/public_html/snapshot/woody/
 1856  rm -rf Twisted-0.99.2rc3/

Great, now upgrade:
 1857  sudo apt-get update
 1858  sudo apt-get upgrade
 1859  sudo apt-get upgrade
 1860  cd /var/www/
 1861  sudo bash

As root:
  495  mv web-shutdown.tap web-`date +%Y-%M-%d`.tap
  499  ./start-twisted.sh web-2002-09-24.tap
Upgrade web site:
 1865  cd ~/WebSite/
 1866  cd twistedmatrix.com/
 1867  vi news.html index products/download.html
 1868  cvs commit news.html index products/download.html
 1869  sudo su - pb
As pb:
  497  cd /var/www/WebSite/
  498  cd twistedmatrix.com/

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