[Twisted-Python] Twisted 0.99.1rc1 and release-twisted

Christopher Armstrong radix at twistedmatrix.com
Sun Sep 22 03:34:40 EDT 2002

Hi all, Twisted 0.99.1rc1 is now available on the website. But this
message is mostly about the release process. :)

Here's the process I went through to make the latest 0.99.2rc1
release.  At the end I have some notes on new features I plan on
implementing, eventually.

cd ~/Projects/Twisted
cvs up
cd ~/tmp
rm -rf *
~/Projects/Twisted/admin/release-twisted --oldver 0.99.2alpha3 -v 0.99.2rc1 --release=/twisted/Releases --checkout --upver --tag --exp --dist --docs --balls --rel --deb --debi
#fix a couple of bugs in r-t, re-run a couple of times
sudo vim /etc/apt/sources.list #and uncomment moshez' snapshot line
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
cd /var/www
sudo 'sh -c kill `cat twistd.pid`'
sudo ./start-twisted.sh web-shutdown.tap
sudo tail twistd.log

edit WebSite/twistedmatrix.com/index: s/0.99.2alpha3/0.99.2rc1/
edit products/download.html, change from "alpha" to "RC", and change all 
     alpha2s to rc1s
edit news.html, add release announcement.
cvs commit 'dat shit

on pyr: cd /var/www/WebSite/twistedmatrix.com

#note, I didn't have to `cvs update' here, some kind soul made that
#automatically happen on commit

~/Projects/Twisted/admin/generate-domdocs --docsdir . --template template.tpl -e None 

#oops! missed an `alpha2' in download.html. :P fixed that and re-ran 

Test that the domtemplate document still works and that documentation
API-ref links still work

That seems to be it. Mind you this didn't include the stuff about
actually updating the API refs and whatnot on the website, that only
happens in Final releases.

So, now for the ideas, in ascending order of ease-of-implementation

1) have r-t update the QOTR, add a ChangeLog entry for releasing, and
add a news entry on the website

2) make the website a web-app, so I (or even r-t) don't have to do
anything at all to "deploy" a new release; it'll just detect
it. (extra cookie if generate-domdocs is made into a generic "static
DOMTemplate Processor" to accomplish this; then our website can still
be static files)

3) give release-twisted a web interface.

4) Make a PB application for running unit tests, and have various
developers run this on their workstations, hopefully across many
various platforms, and have r-t check and make sure that they all run
smoothly before releasing.

                                Chris Armstrong
                         << radix at twistedmatrix.com >>
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