[Twisted-Python] persistence interface

Bruce Mitchener bruce at cubik.org
Sun Sep 15 19:04:25 EDT 2002

Hi Sean,

Sean Riley wrote:
> Glyph and I talked about persistence interface for use in twisted.enterprise
> initially but with possibly broader implications:

If this is going to potentially have broader implications, and with an 
interface as simple as this, it could easily do so, then I think you 
should at least consider taking versions into account and record them.

> interesting that this looks a little like "getStateToCopy" in
> twisted.spread.pb... Maybe there is some crossover between state persisted
> to databases in enterprise and across networks with pb... maybe they could
> use the same persistence interface?

Something that I'd like to see in time is PB over UDP, with the ability 
to specify not just what state should be copied, but some additional QoS 
information about that information as well.  That'd likely lead to a 
divergence in this similarity, no?

  - Bruce

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